Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp Didn’t Know What A Walkman Was Before Shooting Season 3

Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Sadie Sink, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, and Caleb McLaughlin are opening up about the upcoming season of Stranger Things.

The six young stars are embracing the 80s in the new season, out on Netflix on July 4th, however, many didn’t know what the gadgets were then at all.

“My parents always told me about VHS tapes,” Noah recalled in a feature with NY Times. “And the Walkman, everyone had those. I had never even seen one until I got onto Stranger Things.”

Sadie added that is was all about the video games for her.

“I knew Pac-Man, but that was it. In Season 2, we had the arcade set and all the games were working, so in between takes you could go around and play whatever you wanted. I never actually played Dig Dug, though, because the machine they had didn’t work,” she shared.

Millie also opened up about Eleven’s mindset for the new episodes, especially with her powers.

“I don’t think El knows how to use her powers properly,” she says. “That’s what she learns about this season. Obviously it’s led her to a different lifestyle, and she has a lot of PTSD. But she’s trying to become normal again. Just like any other teenager, El’s learning not to be what people tell her to be and to be herself. I relate to that a lot.”

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