Strictlys Claudia Winklemans bravery: My face is falling off at 50 but I don’t care

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The Strictly Come Dancing presenter, Claudia Winkleman who turned 50 on January, 15 claimed that she has “no pretence” of what she looks like. She said that her mother, who is former Sunday Express editor Eve Pollard taught her that beauty is the “least interesting thing about us”. Claudia has reportedly been raised in a house with no mirrors and has never been to a gym. 

She expressed her views on the change in her body at the age of 50, she said: “My face [is] actually physically falling off, and my body is, like, made of crepe all of a sudden. It’s okay, it’s fine. “I’ve never been to the gym – I don’t care. But I was brought up by a woman who had no mirrors in the house.

“I have no pretence about what I look like. Because what we looked like, she always said, was the least interesting thing about us.

“So, it was, ‘Don’t worry about being interesting, but always be interested.’ And, ‘Keep your girlfriends close, your girlfriends are your scaffolding, your everything.’

“She sort of talked about menopause, but my mum had an OK time with it. She loves a doctor, we worship the health service. I have to take vitamin D. My doctor said, ‘I thought you were always in the sun?’ I went, ‘No, babe, this is from a bottle. I haven’t been in the sun for 15 years.’ I think I look after myself because I’m so dull. I’m in bed with a book by nine.”

Claudia has three children, Jake, 18, Matilda, 15, and 10-year-old Arthur with her PR exec husband Kris Thykier.

She claimed that she prefers to play the card game, Bridge as it “uses that part of the brain that we do not use in everyday life”.

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