The New Yorker Defends Jeremy Strong Profile as More Stars Rally Behind the Actor

The magazine insists what they wrote is a ‘multi-sided’ as Anne Hathaway, Aaron Sorkin, and Adam McKay follow Jessica Chastain to heap praises on the ‘Succession’ actor.

AceShowbiz -The New Yorker has responded to the backlash over the profile they wrote about Jeremy Strong. The magazine called the “Succession” star “extremely dedicated” and insisted the profile was “a nuanced, multi-sided portrait” of him.

Referring to the actor’s colleagues who defended him, The New Yorker added, “It has inspired a range of reactions from people, including many who say that they are even more impressed by Jeremy Strong’s artistry after having read the article.”

The New Yorker suggested Jeremy Strong took his job too seriously as his method acting was highlighted in the magazine profile.

Quotes by Aaron Sorkin, who directed the actor in last year’s “The Trial of the Chicago 7“, were included, but the filmmaker claimed the magazine deliberately picked the ones that painted “a distorted picture of Jeremy that asks us to roll our eyes at his acting process.”

“Succession” producer Adam McKay backed Sorkin’s statement, “I couldn’t agree more. Jeremy is not only a lovely guy but a brilliant actor who was cast in Succession precisely because of his passion the New Yorker writer mocks.”

Anne Hathaway, who co-starred with Strong 2019’s “Serenity“, rallied behind him as well. “I would like to send some love to Jeremy Strong who I’m lucky enough to have worked with twice and who I am proud to consider a friend,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I deeply value his qualities of thoughtfulness, sincerity, authenticity, sweetness, depth, kindness, generosity, as well as his powerful intelligence and extraordinary sensitivity. He is an incredibly talented and inventive artist who is fully engaged and committed on set, as well as a passionate, open person in life. I find all of these things inspiring. (oh, and he’s fun.)”

“Anyway he and the entire cast crushed this season of @succession (for the record, the work is where the story begins and ends for me.) Congrats to them all and bring on the finale!”

Another former co-star Jessica Chastain, who shared screen with Strong in 2017’s “Molly’s Game“, was the first to defend the actor on Twitter, “He’s a lovely person. Very inspiring & passionate about his work. The profile that came out on him was incredibly one sided. Don’t believe everything you read folks. Snark sells but maybe its time we move beyond it.”

As celebrities banded together to defend Jeremy Strong, the media did the same as Variety’s Editor-at-Large came to The New Yorker’s defense. “It was an incredibly nuanced portrait of him,” the editor fired back at Chastain. “Calling it ‘snark’ seems like a real misread.”

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