Tristan Thompson: I Never Threatened to Kill Myself! Khloe is LYING!

On Sunday night’s huge Keeping Up With The Kardashians reveal, Khloe discovered that Tristan had cheated yet again.

What’s more is that she told her sisters that, when she confronted him, Tristan threatened suicide if she left him.

That is deeply alarming on multiple levels. But Tristan says it’s just not true.

“He’s like, ‘I can’t stop thinking about you and what a mess I’ve caused,'” Khloe said on Sunday’s episode.

She continued: “He’s doing this to get a reaction out of me.”

“Oh, so I’m just allowed to say ‘I’m going to kill myself’ at any time?” Khloe asked incredulously.

She characterized his alleged behavior: “That’s crazy.”

Threatening suicide is a huge red flag for emotional manipulation in relationships. But is that what happened?

RadarOnline reports that those close to Tristan tell a different story.

“He says he told Khloe he didn’t want to live without her,” an insider claims.

“But,” the source clarifies. “That didn’t mean he wanted to kill himself.”

Language can be ambuguous open to misinterpretation or deliberately twisted after-the-fact.

“He is pissed off,” the insider adds of Tristan.

The source explains that he’s mad “because a ton of people, including his family members and NBA execs, are reaching out to him very worried.”

According to the same inside source, Tristan felt shocked and blindsided by how Khloe and her sisters spoke of him.

(Wait, really? We’re genuinely curious as to what he was expecting)

Tristan felt that Khloe had “exploited” him by using him for the season finale storyline, the source reports.

The insider notes that a friend of the Kardashians referred to Tristan as a “disgusting pig” during the episode.

Very few people like being insulted. It’s like being cheated on, in that respect.

Speaking of knocking someone up just to go behind their back and slip it to other women left and right …

Khloe found herself in a bit of hot water recently.

See, she’s spent more than a year being justifiably outraged at Tristan for being a no-good cheater.

But she also blasted Jordyn Woods for her alleged involvement with her cheating baby daddy.

Considering that Khloe was with Tristan back with Tristan was with his last pregnant girlfriend, maybe she’s not the one to point fingers.

See, back when Khloe first started dating Tristan, she was just his side piece.

Court documents have revealed that Tristan was still dating Jordan Craig, who was pregnant at the time.

Apparently, Tristan spent a while assuring Jordan that he didn’t even know Khloe and wasn’t with her.

But that was before the two of them were photographed on a sexy vacation and then went public with their relationship.

In recently uncovered court filings, Jordan says that the stress from their public relationship gave her serious pregnancy complications.

She was confined to bedrest.

Obviously, it’s not Khloe’s fault that Tristan cheated on Jordan — and it wouldn’t have been, even if she had known about it.

Similarly, it’s not Jordyn Woods’ fault that Tristan cheated on Khloe all of the times that he did.

Jordyn’s mistake was probably being too friendly with him and hesitating to tell Khloe the full story. By then, Khloe no longer trusted or believed her.

As for Khloe’s claims that Tristan threatened to kill himself … none of us know what he said.

This is a great reminder to watch your words carefully when having an emotional conversation.

But also, if Tristan really didn’t want to live without Khloe, he shouldn’t have been boning without her, either.

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