Valerie Bertinelli Tears Up Talking About Eddie Van Halen’s Passing For The First Time On ‘Today’: I Miss Him

Valerie Bertinelli was brought to tears in her first TV appearance on Jan. 4, since the death of ex-husband, Eddie Van Halen in Oct. She admitted that it’s been a ‘rough’ time for her and son, Wolfgang, 29.

Valerie Bertinelli joined TODAY live on Monday, which marked her first public television appearance since the death of her ex-husband Eddie Van Halen. The legendary guitarist died at the age of 65 on October 6 after a lengthy battle with throat cancer. The Hot in Cleveland star, 60, who appeared on the morning show to share one of her favorite healthy dishes, teared up while discussing the heartbreaking loss.

“Valerie, first of all, it’s so great to see you,” host Hoda Kotb, who noted that the frequent Today show contributor has “been our heart, we’ve been thinking about you. We’ve been thinking about your son Wolfie,” she said about Valerie and Eddie’s 29-year-old son, Wolfgang Van Halen, before adding, “And we’re just wondering how you’re doing at this moment.”

Valerie, who had called, in via video, from her home, replied through tears: “It’s so good to see you guys too. I don’t know why I’m tearing up,” she said, explaining, “You know when you hear voices and you see people you feel a connection with and… you guys always make me tear up.”

She continued by updating Hoda and and hosts Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly about how she’s been handling her ex’s passing. “It’s been rough, very bittersweet. We’re doing okay. We spent the holidays together. I’ll see [her son] later today,” Valerie said, adding that the family has “been spending a lot of time together.”

“It’s hard,” she continued. “I’ve gone to text him a few dozen times and I’m like, ‘Oh I can’t text him right now,’” Valerie admitted, before thanking Carson for “that lovely piece you did on her son Wolfie,” adding, “It really touched my heart and you handled him and you were so good to him, and as a mom, thank you so much for treating him so well.”

On October 6, Valerie and Eddie’s son confirmed the rocker’s death in heartbreaking announcement on social media. “I can’t believe I’m having to write this, but my father, Edward Lodewijk Van Halen, has lost his long and arduous battle with cancer this morning,” Wolfgang wrote in a statement on Twitter, along with a smiling photo of the musician. “He was the best father I could ever ask for. Every moment I’ve shared with him on and off stage was a gift. My heart is broken and I don’t think I’ll ever fully recover from this loss,” he continued, adding, “I love you so much, Pop.”

Valerie mourned Eddie in a heartfelt statement on October 6, sharing a throwback photo of the couple holding baby Wolfie. “40 years ago my life changed forever when I met you,” the actress wrote in a statement that revealed she was by Eddie’s side in his last moments. “You gave me the one true light in my life, our son, Wolfgang. Through all your challenging treatments for lung cancer, you kept your gorgeous spirit and that impish grin. I’m so grateful Wolfie and I were able to hold you in your last moments. I will see you in our next life my love.” In addition to her post, Valerie, at the time, shared a number of family photos to Instagram with the caption, “Forever Family.”

Eddie Van Halen & Valerie Bertinelli in 1985. (Photo credit: AP)

Bertinelli and Van Halen were married from 1981 until 2007. Van Halen was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2000 and later with throat cancer in 2014. Wolfgang Van Halen revealed his father had stage 4 lung cancer in 2017 and later brain cancer in 2019.

Valerie and Eddie, who wed in 1981, were married for 26 years of marriage before splitting in 2007. They remained close friends after their divorce and even attended each others’ weddings. The sitcom star and rock god met in 1980 when Valerie’s brothers invited her to a Van Halen concert in the hopes that she could get them backstage.

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