Vicki Gunvalson Clarifies Plea to Reopen California [Exclusive]

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the globe.

Some countries are trying to go back to "normal." Some are losing citizens faster than they can count.

It's no surprise that some are looking to the future and concerned that some aspects of current lockdown orders are overkill.

It's for expressing just such an opinion — in the form of a plea for Governor Newsom to reopen certain service businesses in California — that Vicki has been "slammed" on Twitter.

Now, Vicki is addressing her controversial Twitter plea, speaking exclusively to The Hollywood Gossip to explain and clarify her meaning.

Unlike some callous and malicious statements made by people she could name, Vicki says that she only has people's best interests at heart.

1.Uh oh, Vicki!

2.Vicki issued a very polarizing plea

3.Fans had a lot to say

4.If you're gonna be mad about somebody's take on this …

5.Now, Vicki is clarifying her plea

6.She has heard the critics loud and clear

7.Vicki is viewing this crisis through a speciic lens

8.She's not thinking of herself

9.She is also not in denial

10.She has seen the horrors of this pandemic

11.But …

12.Vicki encourages caution

13.That would be risk mitigation

14.How long, she asks, can things go on like this?

15.She fears a real collapse

16.It is Vicki's job to predict what might go wrong

17.She hopes that this helps fans understand

18.She was NOT being malicious

19.You know who WAS being malicious?

20.And to her fans, Vicki says

21.What do you think?

22.That is a tough question to answer

23.IS Vicki right?

24.At least she was honest

25.Vicki won't be the last

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