What Does the Magnolia Network Brand Mean? Chip Gaines Explains and Gives Definitive Answer

Chip Gaines is half of the success of the Magnolia brand with his wife Joanna being the other half. The power couple has launched the Magnolia Network, a new cable channel focused on lifestyle. Fans remember Chip and Joanna from hosting Fixer Upper where they renovated homes around their hometown of Waco, Texas. As the pair embark on the challenges of creating a brand new network, Chip is dissecting what the meaning behind the brand really means.

“We want you to come spend your time with us and leave refreshed, encouraged, and really, sincerely feeling like that was time well spent,” Chip said in an interview with Variety. “I learned something, I engaged in a way that I was inspired, [and] I was encouraged. And those are our passions; we want to give that opportunity to anybody who’s willing to spend the time with us. We want that investment to pay dividends…What we do is not ‘Keeping up With the Joneses.’ We’re not trying to create this opportunity for you to compare your lives to our lives. What we’re hoping to do is to light a fire so that you can go out and create the life that you were meant to live. And that’s really, really the bottom line for us.”

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