You Will Not Guess How This TikTok Dating Horror Story Ends!

This is nuts!

It’s no secret that dating can lead to some crazy experiences, but this TikTok user’s recent date night has so many people talking!

Over the weekend, Hannah Lee took to the social media app mid-date to ask for some advice about a truly odd thing that was happening throughout her time at a dude’s house. In the clip, she began by showing a close-up shot of her face before flipping the camera around to reveal that she was sitting on a couch in the living room of someone’s house.

She then zoomed in to a door in the distance while a popular TikTok sound of a kid singing “I want to go home” played in the background. In text over the video, she explained:

“Can you be stood up at their house? Like he went in there and it’s been 45 minutes of silence.”

45 minutes?! That is a LONG TIME!

But what was just as baffling to many users was the fact that — after already waiting nearly an hour with no sign of her date — Hannah said she would wait for another half-hour before leaving! WHAT?! She added in her caption:

“I’ll wait for 30 more mins then I’ll leave lol idk where he went.”

Ch-ch-check it out!

I’ll wait for 30 more mins then I’ll leave lol idk where he went #summervibes #hotgirsummer #foryou

♬ original sound – ESOSA||CONTENT CREATOR

The patience this girl has is truly commendable! But was all that time worth it?! Most TikTokers don’t think so, they shared in the comments that poured in on the now-viral vid:

“after 10 minutes you check in. Any longer you just go home”

“the boys called, he’s playing video games”

“He on the phone with his gf”

“What if he had a heart attack”

“You sat there … for 45 minutes?”

“if they took their phone they’re browsing reddit”

“Why didn’t you leave? That sounds like he wanted you to go

“He wanted you to leave..”

A reasonable thing to assume! But it wasn’t that simple!

Plenty of others called out the many red flags — from the way he disappeared to the house decorations that were briefly shown in the clip!

“Red flag. He doesn’t care ab u or how comfortable u are in the slightest”

“That many lanyards is a run”

Hah!! Shockingly, Hannah didn’t run! About ten minutes after posting the TikTok, she decided to investigate… and things got even wackier! In an update, she explained that she went looking for her date and discovered him laying on his bed completely naked!! WTF?!

“Ten minutes after I posted that, I went into his room, and I was like, ‘what are you doing?’ Cause we were supposed to go out. And he was just laying on his bed naked. Like waiting.”

LOLz! He was committed to the bit if he waited an hour for her to come looking for him! In the caption, she continued:

“i just dont understand what made him think that was a good idea

But maybe it was a good idea because it “kinda” worked, Hannah noted in response to someone wondering if anyone got lucky:

“Yes but no but yes kinda.”

WOW! Wild! Check out Hannah’s crazy reflection of the date night (below).

Reply to @txhntrz0g i just dont understand what made him think that was a good idea ???? #summervibes #hotgirsummer #foryou

♬ original sound – Hannah Lee

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

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