Yung Miami Goes Viral for Keeping a Straight Face Over Lil Uzi Vert and JT’s Romance Question

While JT is blushing and laughing when asked about her romance rumors with the male rap star during an interview, her fellow City Girls member is keeping a straight face.

AceShowbizCity Girls appeared in the latest episode of “The Breakfast Club” for a wide-ranging interview, and one moment during the episode successfully made Yung Miami‘s name trend on social media. The one-half of the hip-hop duo got a lot of people laughing for keeping a straight face when one of the hosts brought up Lil Uzi Vert and JT‘s romance rumors.

During the interview, JT was talking about her love life when the host asked her out of nowhere, “Hold on, are you broken up with Lil Uzi Vert, JT?” The femcee immediately bursted into laughter the moment she heard the question as she answered, “I did not know. What the f**k is wrong with you?” The host then pointed out that she was blushing, while Miami kept a straight face the whole time.

This exact scene quickly went viral as a lot of people could not help but laugh over Miami’s reaction. “LMAOOO Why her face so damn serious,” one asked, as another commented, “She so unintentionally funny…..why she look so mad.” One other wrote, “Caresha please !! Lmfaoo omg she like u better not come here with that shit on god !!!”

Meanwhile, some others were convinced that the reason why Miami kept a straight face was because she didn’t like Uzi. “Nah, I speak Southern-ese and she’s basically saying Uzi is corny and she don’t know why JT f*cked with him in the first place,” someone pointed out. “Caresha hate that n***a,” another similarly jumped to a conclusion while one more person wrote, “Girl caresha don’t like that man!!!! Sis sick of him!”

Rumors of Uzi and JT’s romance first sparked last year as a source said at the time, “Uzi and JT are the new ‘It’ couple. Mark my words, they’re going to be huge.” Fans later pointed out that they name-dropped each other on their own songs. However, this rumor had never been confirmed.

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