Zara McDermott ‘wants to be pregnant by Christmas’ with boyfriend Sam Thompson

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Zara McDermott is ready to start a family with Sam Thompson – and she could be pregnant by the end of the year, sources tell new!.

“Zara would love to take things to the next level with Sam and start a family of their own,” our source revealed. “She’s so happy in her relationship and she really feels ready.

"She’s told friends she could see herself pregnant by Christmas.”

Last week, Sam Thompson’s sister Louise, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Ryan Libbey, revealed she’s been urging the pair to have a baby, too.

Posting on Instagram, Louise told fans: “I just need Sam and Zara to hurry up so there is a whole pack of babies hahahhaa.”

And sources say Zara, 24, is thrilled that Louise is in her corner, as she hopes it will push Sam, 28, in the right direction.

“Zara is delighted that Louise has been pestering Sam into having a baby,” the source added.

“She knows how much Louise’s opinion means to Sam, so if she’s piling on the pressure too, he’s hopefully taking notice and thinking about it more.

"Zara would love for her and Louise’s babies to grow up together.

"She knows Sam will make the most amazing uncle, so she hopes that will also persuade him that a baby is the right next step for them, too.”

Zara and Sam’s romance came to a shock end in August last year, when it was revealed that Zara had been unfaithful during her time on The X Factor: Celebrity.

She pleaded for Sam’s forgiveness and the pair eventually reconciled months later.

In January, the couple revealed they were living together in Sam’s London home, and they’ve been busy renovating the place to make it bigger.

“Sam and Zara have been working on extending the kitchen and getting Sam’s place really spruced up,” our source said.

“Zara knows that making the place bigger would also mean more space for a family."

The source added: "So she’s hopeful they’re on the same page.

"After everything they’ve gone through, she just wants to put the past behind them and start a brand new chapter.”

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