16 Reasons Generation Z Is The Worst Effin' Generation

1.They don’t do things that make a difference. They just sit on their phones.

2.They don’t value family:

3.They don’t even have their own unique social platform:

4.They’re selfish:

5.Like, they never have each other’s backs:

6.They’re not generous:

7.They’re not funny:

8.They’re just not clever like millennials:

9.Or creative:

10.They’re not romantic:

11.Their art is eh:

12.They’re not handy like Gen X-ers:

13.Gen Z famous singers have no talent:

If you haven’t gotten the theme by now, it’s sarcastic and these two are superstars.

14.Gen Z actors have no talent:

Same with them.

15.They don’t respect those who came before them:

16.And last but not least, they will NEVER change the world:

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