29 Closet Organizing Tricks That'll Actually Work

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1.If you’re trying to pare down, loop in an *honest* friend who’ll tell you what looks good and what doesn’t. (And maybe watch a few eps of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo beforehand to get in the right mood.)

No need to make room for stuff in your closet that doesn’t fit, looks worse for wear, or you’re just not into. We only wanna organize the stuff worth the closet space! You know Naomi would tell you if something looked horrible. Or, she’d just look at the item like this. And really, if that isn’t telling you, I dunno what is!

2.And as your organize, keep track of the stuff you have (including items that haven’t recently seen the light of day) in a digital system. We dig Finery and Stylebook.

I *know* you’ve heard it before. But it’s an oldie-but-goodie for a reason! There ARE ways to make the impossible a reality, like storing your winter coats when you live in a small apartment! Check out our storage ideas for when you have no more space.

Get an eight-pack of vacuum space-saving bags from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two size combos).

8.Fill that dead space below your hanging tops with an adjustable closet doubler that does exactly what its name says.

The magnetized separators let you get something out of the middle of the stack without making everything topple over!

Get a 16-piece bundle from ThreadStax for $50 (BTW, it comes with a folder).

10.Get scrappy to make room for stuff you need, like doubling up regular old hangers with a soda tab when you require more space ASAP.

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