343 Industries Drops 'Halo Infinite' Roadmap for 2022

Fans have long been asking for more, and now 343 Industries has finally answered by providing the 2022 content roadmap for Halo Infinite.

The game will be launching its second season on May 3, and 343 Industries says that the upcoming season will feature two new maps named Catalyst and Breaker, three new game modes including King of the Hill, Land Grab and Last Spartan Standing, and bonus “narrative events” involving “Interference” and “Alpha Pack” releases, although little has been revealed about this latter addition for now. Notably, Forge will also be returning as part of an open beta test for season two, followed by even more maps, modes and narrative events for season three, as well as new sandbox items, another 100-tier battle pass, and even more quality-of-life improvements.

To learn more about the upcoming releases for Halo Infinite in 2022, you can head over to Halo Waypoint, or check out the tweet down below.

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