A 2005 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren at No-Reserve Auction Garners Bid of $360,000 USD

A Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren from 2005 currently sits at a bid of $360,000 USD, despite being listed at no-reserve. The McLaren, up for auction of Bring a Trailer, has just 1,200 miles and was acquired by its current owner in 2018. The seller noted that the car has been preserved in a full clear wrap since 2017.

With four days left till the auction closes, the $360,000 USD bid is particularly impressive. For those unfamiliar, a no-reserve auction means that the item will be sold regardless of price, meaning there’s no minimum price and the highest bidder will get the vehicle no matter what.

The McLaren comes charged with a 5.4-liter M155 V8 along with a five-speed automatic transmission. Taking on a sleek and timeless look, the model features alloy wheels, butterfly doors and xenon headlights.

It is finished in Mercedes’ Crystal Laurite Silver with a bright red leather interior complimented by black leather accents. The cockpit also comes with climate control and a Bose sound system.

Bringing the decade-plus old car up to speed, the battery of the McLaren was replaced and its oil changed this year. With a few more days to go on the auction block, it’s possible the bid will jump even higher.

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