Another BigBang member, Daesung, gets into trouble after Seungri

First, it was Seungri.

Now, Daesung, another member of South Korean boyband BigBang, is in hot water.

A building that Daesung owns in Gangnam, an upscale locale in Seoul, has been in the news over its alleged use for prostitution by a tenant.

Daesung, 30, who is serving a mandatory army stint, has claimed ignorance of any illegal activities.

In a statement released through his agency YG, he said he made the purchase in 2017 just before his enlistment, and apologised for his “inexperienced management of the building”.

He added that there were already tenants when he bought the building and he was not fully aware of their businesses.

Daesung has vowed to do the right thing.

He said: “For establishments that have been identified to have done illegal activities, we will immediately be taking legal action, and with my responsibilities as the landlord, I will do my best.”

But not all K-pop fans are convinced that Daesung was totally in the dark about his tenants’ activities.

One netizen echoed the views of others, posting that even if Daesung is in the army, he must have assistants keeping tab of operations for him and reporting to him.

Some netizens said the artist cannot escape blame since he is the owner of the building and has a responsibility to ensure that tenants do not breach the laws.

According to broadcaster Channel A, the basement and four upper storeys in the eight-storey building are used for improper purposes.

The current controversy marks the latest chapter in a K-pop scandal that broke in January.

Seungri, 28, who was among the earliest artists implicated, has since left BigBang after he was accused of procuring prostitutes for would-be investors.

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