'Apex Legends' Releases Season 13 Launch Trailer

Apex Legends: Saviors, the 13th season from the franchise, is now just over the horizon. In an exciting four-minute cinematic, developers Respawn Entertainment and EA tease the upcoming arrival of a new legend, map changes, and in-game beasts. The launch trailer begins with Bangalore brooding over leaving the Apex Legends competitions, believing that her brother Jackson is gone. When a big sea monster attacks Storm Point, as part of a larger shift that will usher in a variety of map changes, Bangalore leaps into battle with a new support legend named Newcastle.

Action scenes confirm that the previous Apex Legends leaks are in fact, accurate, showcasing the robocop-looking legend’s different abilities including a respawn shield, the ability to drag downed teammates, a movable drone that holds an energy shield, and a large deployable barrier. The end of the trailer reveals that Newcastle is in fact Jackson, Bangalore’s long-lost brother.

In addition to the information provided in the trailer, EA offers additional updates including the arrival of a reworked Ranked system that allows teammates to rise and fall through the ranks together, and a warning that even “dead beasts hold danger” on the new map.

Apex Legends: Savior is set to release on May 10. Stay tuned for more details to emerge in the coming weeks.

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