Barney's Voice Actors Reveal Death Threats and Rumors in 'I Love You, You Hate Me' Docuseries Trailer

Peacock has released the trailer for its upcoming documentary series I Love You, You Hate Me, which focuses on the dark and vile side of the beloved children’s show Barney & Friends.

Set to release on October 12, the two-part docuseries will hear the first-hand accounts of the notable people involved in Barney & Friends including the likes of former Barney voice actors Bob West and David Joyner. Although creator Sheryl Leach initially wanted Barney to become a symbol of “inclusion” and “acceptance,” its meteoric rise was also met with substantial hate and backlash — so much so that West received “violent and explicit” death threats targeting him and and the “dismemberment of my family,” in addition to the various rumors claiming that Barney would hide drugs in his tail. “As [Leach’s] beloved character was heading into the stratosphere, people couldn’t accept that this was just a show. And so let the bashing begin,” Joyner said.

The documentary series is helmed by Tommy Avallone, executive produced by Rob Eric, Joel Chiodi, David Collins, Michael Williams, Tommy Avallone, Raymond Esposito, Wendy Greene and Amy Goodman Kass and produced by Trent Johnson and Scout Productions.

Check out the trailer above. I Love You, You Hate Me premieres October 12 on Peacock.

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