Ben Platt Only Sings 3 Times on The Politician, but You'll Be Playing the Songs on Repeat

Ben Platt Only Sings 3 Times on The Politician, but You’ll Be Playing the Songs on Repeat

Netflix’s The Politician is a story filled with political intrigue, medical drama, crime solving, and, most surprisingly, random musical moments! Of course, with a star-packed cast featuring musical darlings like Ben Platt and Laura Dreyfuss, it’s no surprise that creator Ryan Murphy snuck in some time for the stars to show off their vocal prowess.

Most notably, despite his constant fumbling when it comes to running for class president and generally interacting with other human beings, Platt’s Payton is gifted with a voice of an angel and gets to flaunt it three times in the first season. He breaks our heart with his performance of “River” in the first episode and has a duet with Zoey Deutch’s Infinity in episode six that’s beautiful as much as it is disturbing.

Since season two is already a done deal, we hope Murphy gives us some more moments to hear the cast show off their talents! In the meantime, check out all the songs Platt covers over the eight-episode season ahead.

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