Best Friend Texts

1.Gotta love your best friends. They always have your back:

2.They share in your dating woes:

3.They know the meaning of “quality time”:

4.They trust you with their life and everything in it:

5.They are always down to hang out:

6.And they make you realize you have more in common than you think:

7.They’re always there when you need them:

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Seems legit.

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8.They think about both of your futures:

9.They keep you in check:

10.They give you the important updates:

11.They can pun with the best of ’em:

12.And they won’t accept any less than all you have to give:

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13.They’re totally honest with you:

14.They know how to find your common ground:

15.They make you feel less alone:

16.They’re never shy about letting you know how proud they are of you:

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17.And at the end of the day, you’ll always know exactly how they feel about you:

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