Can You Name Another Song From These One-Hit Wonders?

No tee no shade, but these artists are examples of what you might call a ‘one-hit-wonder’. Buttttttt, they did actually release other singles! Can you name another track that isn’t the obvious choice?

Pssst, this list contains singles that they released as a lead artist (not promotional singles), regardless of whether they charted or not.

  1. Did Blu Cantrell have any other hits that weren’t “Breathe”?

    Via BMI

  2. Did Natalie Imbruglia have any songs that aren’t “Torn”?

    Via Rodeo Media

  3. Can you name a Whigfield song that isn’t “Saturday Night”?

    Via Curb Records

  4. Is there a Rick Astley song you know that isn’t “Never Gonna Give You Up”?

    Via BMI

  5. “Who Let the Dogs Out?” can’t be The Baha Men’s only hit, surely?

    Via Columbia Records

  6. Did Wheatus have a song outside of “Teenage Dirtbag”?

    Via Columbia Records

  7. Do you recall any other hits from Lou Bega aside from “Mambo no.5 (a little bit of…)”?

    Via The Orchard Music

  8. Did Eamon grace our ears with anything other than “F**k It (I Don’t Want You Back)”.

    Via Jive Records

  9. You know about “Stacy’s Mom”, but did Fountains of Wayne sing about anybody else’s mum?

    Via BMI

  10. Can you name a Khia song that isn’t “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)”?

    Via Sony Music Entertainment

  11. Did J-Kwon give us any more hits other than “Tipsy”?

    Via SME

  12. Did Daniel Powter have a “Good Day” sequel to “Bad Day”?

    Via Warner Music Group

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