Christie Brinkley Responded to the ‘Wrinkle Brigade’ for Trying to Critique Her Latest Selfie

It’s 2023, and apparently some people think that women shouldn’t show any signs of getting older. Case in point: Christie Brinkley recently had to go on the defense after posting a sweet selfie on Instagram. The model did not mince words while addressing haters who left lousy comments regarding her appearance, and her message is one we should all heed.

On Wednesday, the “Downtown Girl” shared a selfie and two photos from New York City. Innocent enough, right? Well, not everyone was a fan of the photo Brinkley shared. “Whoa Nelly! The Wrinkle Brigade is out in full force in the comment thread!” Brinkley wrote in an updated version of her caption. “They are the people that scan celebrities pages, hoping to find some cellulite, wrinkles, or anything that they can point to to critique,” she went on.

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Brinkley continued to call out the haters who left such scathing, harsh, and frankly unnecessary comments. She also thanked those who sent her lots of love and support. “It must be some form of compensation for something they are lacking. But when those people appear, there are others who pop up with messages so kind and valuable. Those are the comments that restore my faith and make my heart sing! Thank you sweet souls.”

We’re so glad Brinkley felt empowered to call out those commenters. The longtime model, and anyone for that matter, should feel completely comfortable sharing a selfie, highlighting moments when they feel their absolute best without fear of ridicule. Haters, be gone. This Downtown Girl isn’t going to take it.

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