CNN FlashDocs' 'BLINDSIDED' Dives Into the Story of Michael Oher

CNN FlashDocs and Max have shared a trailer for BLINDSIDED, the upcoming documentary about former NFL player Michael Oher and the controversy surrounding his relationship with the Tuohy family.

The docu “examines the claims the Tuohy family have made about adopting Oher for over a decade, casting scrutiny on the conservatorship they put in place which has now been terminated by a judge.” The athlete was allegedly led to believe that he was adopted all this time, and was deceived by the Tuohy’s conservatorship as they made millions off of him. BLINDSIDED aims to get to the truth as it features first-person accounts from people close to him such as his foster brothers, former caregivers, high school classmates and teammates from both Ole Miss, his alma mater, and the NFL.

“Oher’s litigation with the Tuohys continues, with the latter filing a sworn document on November 8 that they paid Oher more than $138,000 in profits from the film. Oher is expected to file any counterclaims by the end of November,” the press release continued. Actor Quinton Aaron, who portrayed Oher in the blockbuster film about his life entitled The Blind Side, will also share his perspective on his portrayal of the athlete.

Watch the trailer above. BLINDSIDEDpremieres November 16 on Max.

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