Curator Raphael Fonseca Juxtaposes Past and Present in New Exhibition at Nara Roesler

Raphael Fonseca, one of Brazil‘s leading curators of contemporary art, has unveiled a new group exhibition entitled “on the shoulder of giants” at the Nara Roesler gallery in New York. The show highlights a range of Brazilian artists from different generations, who are united through the the tension between time and memory.

The show’s title is inspired by the Latin maxim, ‘nanos gigantum humeris insidentes,’ which Fonseca states “points to the fact that in order to learn in the present, we need to position ourselves in dialogue with the past and with its ‘giants’ that surround us.” Past and present are juxtaposed in a way where contemporary conversations entwine with ancestral narratives — offering new perspectives on the topics of indigeneity, race and inequality. Although the pool of talent comes from Brazil, the message and intention of show is universal — creating new perspectives and intentions for tomorrow, through a careful discernment of the past.

“on the shoulder of giants” is on view at Nara Roesler’s New York location until August 20. For those outside the area, you can view an online viewing room of the exhibition by providing your email here.

Also happening in Brazil, a fire has ravaged archives from the Cinemateca Brasileira.

Nara Roesler
511 W 21st Street
New York, NY
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