Did Princess Beatrice Copy Meghan Markle's Engagement Photos?

A royal is getting some hate from fans again — but this time, shockingly, it’s not Meghan Markle. A new Instagram post has fans questioning whether Princess Beatrice copied Meghan’s engagement photos, a “controversy” to which we have exactly two responses: No, and who cares if she did?! It’s one thing to be angry if your best friend stages an engagement photoshoot identical to yours a week later — it’s quite another to get angry on behalf of Duchess Meghan, whose own engagement photos came out in 2017, and who likely could not care less what passing resemblance Beatrice’s photos do or do not bear to hers. Still, because we’re committing to deconstructing exactly why this isn’t an issue, we’ll walk you through these critics’ complaints.

The flurry of commentary was sparked by Beatrice’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, posting Beatrice and fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi’s engagement photos to Instagram. These sweet photos of the couple, taken by both photographer Misan Harriman and Beatrice’s sister, Princess Eugenie, somehow managed to hit a nerve among commenters. Fox News spotted several comments pointing out (not so kindly) that these photos resembled the engagement snaps Meghan and Harry had released in December 2017.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say,” one comment read. Another said: “They couldn’t even envision a different pose/picture,” referring to the shot in which Beatrice and Edoardo’s heads are pressed together, as Meghan and Harry’s are in their most famous shot. “It’s copycat time for Beatrice and Edo,” a third commenter announced, while a fourth decided that the entire practice of marking announcements with black-and-white photos now ought to be trademarked by Meghan and Harry. “Mighty funny it is the done thing to take black and white photos after major announcement,” they wrote. “Wonder where they got that idea. Hmm?”

Here’s the original photo of Meghan and Harry, by the way:

Obviously, it’s ridiculous to suggest that, by releasing a black and white photo, these royals are copying any one couple, let alone Meghan and Harry. But the other comments suggesting that their poses were similar have slightly more validity: Yes, their heads are pressed together, and yes, Harry and Edoardo are both gazing down in similarly adoring fashions. But, honestly, how many different ways are there to convey, “We’re getting married and we’re so in love right now?” It seems pretty intuitive that they would be close to one another and looking at each other lovingly, right?

If we want to get really nit-picky about things, what about the fact that Meghan’s eyes are closed, while Beatrice’s are wide open? That seems like an artistic difference, no? If anything, we ought to be accusing Edoardo of copying Harry’s facial expression — leave Beatrice out of it. But all jokes aside, let’s say that the absolute worst had happened: Beatrice and Edoardo saw Meghan and Harry’s photos, liked them, and opted to shoot something similar. Would that be so very terrible? Would anyone (anyone who is actually involved in this, that is) be even slightly offended? We seriously doubt it — and as a general rule of thumb, if the people that a conflict concerns don’t care, you probably shouldn’t either.

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