DISTANCE Has Opened a Unique Running Store In Kenya

For as long as we can remember, Iten, Kenya, has been renowned for its affiliation with the world of distance running. Located almost 8,000ft above sea-level, the “Home of Champions” — as it is often referred to — has produced a vast array of world-class athletes in its time including both olympic and world champions.

Wanting to establish a direct link with the inhabitants of Iten, as well as celebrate its rich running heritage, Parisian store DISTANCE embarked on a project that has seen it open its third global location in the east Kenyan town.

Long-time admirers of Iten following numerous trips over the years, the Parisian outfit wanted to offer a space for the people of Iten to have access to recent, quality and accessible products. And while pairs will not be given away in order not to disturb the local economy, they will be sold at very affordable prices.

The goal is not to make a profit but to pay a good salary to Wilfried and Ladisha (the two Kenyan employees of DISTANCE), to pay the rent to Mama Jeruto (the owner of the land), to create more jobs and eventually bring staff and athletes to France to take part in competitions.

Take a look at the unique location above and find out about how you can get involved and donate via the DISTANCE webstore.

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