Donnie Yen floors competition, completing #bottlecapchallenge blindfolded

It is a challenge that Jackie Chan – known for his audacious stunts in movies – would not shy away from.

But it is instead another Asian action hero, Donnie Yen, who has been quicker to join other Hollywood celebrities in posting videos of their #bottlecapchallenge feats.

The viral sensation requires dislodging a loosely-twisted-shut cap off a bottle, placed on a hard surface, with a spin kick.

Recently, actor Jason Statham, known for his fast-paced movies, posted a video of his effort, after he received a dare from singer John Mayer to prove his agility.

Mayer had earlier put up a video of his triumph.

But the two are no match for Yen, 55, who has portrayed gongfu master Ip Man in several movies.

Posting a video on Wednesday (July 3), he floored the competition by knocking off the cap blindfolded.

“Chirrut feeling the force + Ip Man’s steady aim + no plastic bottle = the universe strongest,” Yen said in a caption for the video.

In the 2016 movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, he had portrayed a blind warrior called Chirrut Imwe.

Can fans expect Chan now to take aim and show who is top dog?

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