Draymond Green Sparks Debate After Saying 2017 Warriors Could Beat Michael Jordans Bulls' Teams

Draymond Green continues to add fuel to the fire when it comes to the never-ending debate of present day NBA teams’ ability to take on former champion teams.

Green took to Twitter to give his own thoughts surrounding his 2017 Golden State Warriors team, calling out Michael Jordan‘s 98 Chicago Bulls team. Green said he could not “help but notice our 2017 team would’ve beaten these Bulls by a dub and these Jazz by 40 if they’re going to play these brands of basketball.” He also added that this is also why he things “it’s dumb to compare era’s.” Green comments were sure to spark a debate amongst fans as he tweeted, “96 Bulls. 98 Bulls. I STAND ON IT!” seemingly stating that they could have taken Jordan and his team in both ‘96 and ‘98.

While he continued to make these comments, he concluded his thoughts by reiterating that he does not hope to initiate debates, “Learn to appreciate things for what they are. Analyze the game. And stop the unnecessary debating.” He doubles down on the fact that it is pointless to compare eras due to “drastic differences in style in play.” Despite the clarification, fans have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts, as well. The question remains – if the 2017 Warriors could have taken on the Bulls in ‘98 and we will never know. Who’ve you got in this hypothetical matchup?

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