Eddie Murphy and Nia Long Tests Jonah Hill's Love For Their Daughter in Awkward 'You People' Teaser

Netflix has shared a teaser for You People, Kenya Barris‘ feature directorial debut starring Jonah Hill, Lauren London, Eddie Murphy and Nia Long.

In the tense yet comedic teaser, Hill’s character Ezra Cohen meets with the parents of London’s Amira Mohammed, played by Murphy and Long, at the famed Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage. The conversation goes off the rails almost immediately as Murphy and Long’s parental instincts kick in almost immediately, leaving Ezra in an awkward position as he attempts to convince them that “mixed race people” — namedropping Malcolm X — “are really awesome” and that their intimate life isn’t intimate enough for them to currently have a baby. The official logline reads, “A new couple and their families find themselves examining modern love and family dynamics amidst clashing cultures, societal expectations and generational differences in this comedy from Kenya Barris.”

Also joining Hill, London, Murphy and Long in the cast are David Duchovny, Sam Jay, Elliott Gould, Travis Bennett (Taco), Molly Gordon, Rhea Perlman, Deon Cole, Andrea Savage, Mike Epps, Emily Arlook, Alani La La Anthony, Bryan Greenberg and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Hill and Barris serve as writers and producers alongside Kevin Misher, while David Hyman, Matt Dines, Hale Rothstein, Alison Goodwin, Mychelle Deschamps, Andy Berman and Charisse Hewitt-Webster executive produce.

Watch the teaser above. You People premieres January 27, 2023 on Netflix.

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