Elizabeth Hurley Luxuriates in the Sultry 'Summer Nights' With a Sexy Dance Party

Elizabeth Hurley was clinging to the final days of summer, but she did it in the best way possible: celebrating with a dance party. The 57-year-old actress and her friends looked like they had a fabulous time bidding the summer season adieu until next year.

Wearing a bright multi-colored dress that hugged her gorgeous curves, Hurley sashayed and strutted her way through the sexy Instagram clip. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros’ song, “Mondo Bongo” played in the background while she frolicked with her pals. She twirled, she hugged, and she danced in what looked like someone’s very fancy backyard, but they had an absolute blast as their laughter echoed through the video.

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Hurley has been relishing in this season of life because she looks and feels amazing, but she promises that she doesn’t always look so put together. “I don’t look polished every day. When I’m home in the countryside I look pretty scruffy,” she admitted in an interview with Karen Millen. “However, I always brush my hair and moisturise my skin. In my opinion, as long as you’re feeling healthy and looking vital, I think that goes a long way.” She also believes that her “biggest superpower” is doing “many things at the same time.” She added, “I can multitask, as most women must, and I have to say I’m a master at it.” Many of us can relate to that sentiment!

Whether she’s hustling for work or relaxing with friends, we love that her joyful spirit is evident in her “Summer nights” video — Hurley knows how to have fun right up to that final summer sunset.

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