Finalmouse Brings Otherworldly Visuals to Its Debut Keyboard

Gaming technology creator Finalmouse is upping the stakes of product design with its new Centerpiece keyboard.

The brand’s debut keyboard features an interactive display – bringing an endless array of expanded visuals. According to Finalmouse, the keyboard comprises a Laminated DisplayCircuit Glass Stack, which gives the product its soft touch and the ability to see the multicolored graphics underneath.

Additionally, the interactive display’s skins are generated by Unreal Engine 5 – revealing graphic illustrations to full-out video scenes. What also makes the piece stand out is that it is self-powered with its GPU and CPU. Easy to use, the keyboard is connected by a single USB-C cable. To build one’s visual catalog, new skins will be available through the Finalmouse Steam app.

Check out the keyboard in the video above.

Priced at $349 USD, Finalmouse’s Centerpiece releases in early 2023.

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