From Big Apple to Backcountry, the William Ellery x allmansright Hybrid Bag Is Ready for Adventure

New York City-based outdoor goods brands William Ellery and allmansright have teamed up for a hybrid tote/bear bag that’s equally at home in the Big Apple as it is in the backcountry. “New York City apartments don’t [have room for] a ton of camping equipment,” said William Ellery’s Trevor Davis. “It was important to make this bag functional as part of a metropolitan lifestyle.”

With its waterproof, lightweight Dyneema construction and removable shoulder strap, the William Ellery x allmansright bag is decidedly at home for any and all city excursions, but it also serves an equally important purpose for hikers and campers. Occasionally, backcountry adventurers may run into black bears — animals who prefer not to interact with humans, but are drawn to campsites by the smell of human food. This can lead to bears learning to return to campsites, which can, in turn, lead to dangerous and potentially fatal interactions for bears and campers alike. Therefore, this bag was also designed as a scent-proof “bear bag,” meaning that campers can use it to securely store their food and not worry about unwanted interactions with bears.

Apart from its Dyneema build and removable strap, the bag features a blackberry purple colorway inspired by the black bear’s preferred food, and its ~10 liter build can store up to four days worth of food — or plenty of daily essentials. There’s a hitch so hikers can hang it in a tree, an internal drop pocket and key pocket to store your valuables in and ultralight aluminum hardware as well.

The William Ellery x allmansright hybrid bag is available now via the William Ellery webstore and is priced at $135 USD.

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