Get to Know Jackie Kennedy’s Grown-Up Grandkids: Family Photos of Rose, John, & Tatiana Schlossberg

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Former President John F. Kennedy and wife Jackie Kennedy’s family line has long been referred to as American royalty: and the present generation carrying on their legacy has us looking to the Schlossbergs, the three grandkids of Jackie and JFK. Born to Edwin Arthur Schlossberg and Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of Jackie and JFK, the Schlossberg children are only recently emerging into public life as adults, with Rose, 33, Tatiana, 31, and John, 28, all leading remarkably low-key lives despite their ultra-famous family.

The eldest, Rose Schlossberg, graduated from both Harvard and New York University, and went on to work in the film industry. Though she isn’t often in the press, she gets a lot of attention for being such a lookalike to her grandmother Jackie Kennedy.

The middle child, Tatiana Schlossberg, was a reporter for the New York Times, Bloomberg View, and the Bergen County Records, to name a few. She also released a book called Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don’t Know You Have in 2019. She married her college boyfriend George Moran, back in 2017.

The youngest, John Schlossberg, has done a little of both art and politics. He’s currently a law student at Harvard, quickly enrolling after he graduated from Yale University. As for his career, he’s worked for Rakuten Inc., an e-commerce company, and for the U.S. Department of State. He also acted in the show Blue Bloods.

It’s clear that JFK’s grandchildren are busy people — take a peek at how they’ve grown up over the years.

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