"Green Shirt Guy" Laughing Hysterically At Angry Protestors Is The Endorphin Rush You Desperately Need

It’s not every day that a city council meeting goes massively viral, but that’s exactly what brings me here today.

At a city council meeting Tuesday night in Tucson, Arizona, councilors had voted to put a proposed “sanctuary city” measure on the November ballot when things suddenly took a turn.

A sanctuary city is a jurisdiction that limits cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

A woman in the audience wearing a Make America Great Again hat began protesting the measure, shouting that the city “should not change or defy immigration laws.”

According to reporter Nick VinZant, whose video of the event went viral, the protester “did not speak during a public comment period held right before the vote,” instead waiting until afterward to start yelling.

She then held up this racist sign as people booed over her.

And while such rhetoric is dangerous, hurtful, and deeply upsetting, a guy sitting near the woman couldn’t believe “how absurd it…all was” and started laughing HYSTERICALLY in the woman’s face.

She continued shouting, and Green Shirt Guy, who’s real name is Alex Kack, continued laughing.

Then, when she yelled, “You’re in direct violation of the oath you took to the United States constitution,” a guy behind her responded, “You’re in direct violation of being a jackass,” bringing Green Shirt Guy to the point of tears.

Kack, who is a field organizer for the Peoples Defense Initiative and who was there to support the measure, told Mashable, “Who has the time in their day to come into a public space just to spread hatred and negativity? Like honestly what happened that made them so ridiculous and hateful?”

Video of the meeting went viral, and people couldn’t get over his infectious laughter.

Even Chrissy Teigen chimed in, saying that Green Shirt Guy’s reaction “completely nullifies any dumb shit that woman is saying.”

So, finally, while I can’t promise it’ll work every time, there is something to be said for laughing in the face of ignorance. Just ask Green Shirt Guy.

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