HAL STUDIOS®’ SEASON 02 Champions Minimalist Ease

From Asics collaborations to clothes, Matthew Thomas and John Bouquet’s HAL STUDIOS® has a knack for subtly attractive designs. Now the brand is extending this same cadence to its latest SEASON 02 collection.

Under Bouquet’s creative direction, the new collection follows SEASON o1’s footsteps of fusing minimalism and comfort. This time around, the range of everyday essentials consists of knitwear, t-shirts, relaxed pants and shorts. Although calm in style, subtle graphic design and phrases inspired by music, art and more appear throughout collection tops.

In tune with the minimalist aesthetic is the collection’s muted color palette that utilizes shades of olive, off-white, light gray, slate gray, rust, brown and black – made with custom dye and wash treatments. Season 02 from HAL STUDIOS® expands the brand’s calm cadence by centering mixed fabrics and with its intentionally classic color creations.

Check out the gallery above for a look at the offering. HAL STUDIOS®’ SEASON 02 releases on Thursday, January 12 online.

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