Hello Wood Studio's Latest Cabin Lets You Sleep Inside a Rock

After creating its Wauhaus viewing cabin in Zala County Hills, Hungary, Hello Wood Studio is back with a new project in the form an entire cabin resort. Named the Rocks on the High Plains, each Rock is situated in a hidden corner of the Balaton Uplands in Hungary.

Created to address the aging population in the country, especially in the rural villages, this resort looks to bring attention and tourism back to these local economies. Situated on two hectares of land, the project is flanked by rolling hills and farmsteads, and has grounds for international summer school festivals. The six special cabins — operated in partnership with TreeHouses — feature a geometric shape to appear more organic within the environment – they rise from the ground like giant polished stones. Each 21+15 square meter cabin sees a bed, kitchen, wardrobe, bathroom, double shower, and a panoramic infrared sauna. The spacious covered terrace also has a large hot tub

“Over the years, we have grown very fond of the area where we had held our camps,” says András Huszár, co-founder and CEO of Hello Wood.”It was clear, though, that once the summer festivals were over, Csóromfölde and the surrounding villages were abandoned for most of the year. From now on, we are going to be able to provide work for locals not only at the construction site but, through the operative tasks, throughout the whole year.”

With this development Hello Wood believes that its Rocks can become an architectural landmark capable of attracting visitors to the Kapolcs area in all seasons. Take a look at the introductory video below.

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