Hilary Duff Is Absolutely Glowing in New Naked Photos — & She Wants People to Know It Took a Lot of Work

Hilary Duff has worked hard to get where she is with her career, her family, and her health. That’s why she’s proudly showing off her fit figure on the May/June 2022 cover for Women’s Health Magazine‘s Body Issue — and she’s happy she made that decision.

Sharing with the magazine that she’s “proud of [her] body,” she wants other women to understand that it has taken time to get there. “I’m proud that it’s produced three children for me,” Duff explained. “I’ve gotten to a place of being peaceful with the changes my body has gone through.” The 34-year-old actress also reveals that she doesn’t look like this alone, there is a team on the set making sure her body looks its best for the photoshoot. “I also want people to know a makeup artist was there putting glow all over my body and someone put me in the most flattering position,” she added. Yes, it takes a village.

That means working with trainer Dominic Leeder to get her prepped behind the scenes for her very revealing cover — she wanted to be ready. In addition to the strength training, cardio, and stretching four days a week that leaned out her body (remember, this is an elite privilege to have a private trainer), Duff discovered a few other side benefits to working out intensely. “I slept better, I felt better,” she revealed.

Those vigorous workouts have slowed down since she’s not prepping for another nude shoot any time soon, but she has kept up with the training regimen since it helps her body and her soul so much. Duff knows that feeling fabulous on the outside isn’t any good if you aren’t feeling good on the inside, too.

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