Home Bargains shoppers mistake fake Halloween scar for something very explicit

Halloween costumes have regularly been making the transition from spooky to sexy in recent years.

Fashion Nova's release of a very revealing range of Toy Story-inspired outfits prove that not even our favourite childhood characters are safe from the trend.

Fortunately, fangs, witches hats and fake blood are all still available for those of us who prefer to stick to tradition.

But one gory prop on sale at Home Bargains is gaining attention for a different reason altogether, as reported by Devon Live .

The 99p latex scars have been shared online, with people saying they can't unsee its resemblance to a vagina.

A post on the Spotted Newton Abbot Facebook group attracted a lot of cheeky comments, including "Glad you said it's Home Bargains, I thought it was Ann Summers."

Another said "I’m not the only one. I thought I was being a pervert."

It wasn't all fun and games though, with one commenter demanding it to be taken off sale after it was shared on a couponing and bargains group.

It read: "Disgusting! It should be removed from the shelves. Young kiddies just think its a deep wound but adults know what it looks like.

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