Hyundai Presents its Vision for Hydrogen-Based Mobillity

Korean automaker Hyundai is going all-in on hydrogen as a power source, debuting its “Hydrogen Wave” initiative which aims to foster a “worldwide hydrogen society by 2040,” starting with commercial vehicles. According to Hyundai, the company has been developing hydrogen-based technology for the past 20 years and began the development of a hydrogen fuel cell car as early as 1998. It has recently revealed innovative concepts for what future hydrogen mobility may look like.

Highlights of the showcase include a 670 horsepower hydrogen fuel cell sports car being developed in conjunction with Rimac and a fully autonomous Trailer Drone cargo transport system. The plug-in hybrid sports car dubbed the Vision FK runs 0 to 100 km/ph in less than four seconds with over 600 km in range. The performance RWD vehicle combines a hydrogen fuel cell energy converter with a high-power plugin PE system.

Modular and autonomous fuel cell e-Bogie platform vehicles support the Trailer Drone payloads, enabling 360-degree movement and a similar range to traditional trucks with zero carbon emissions. Aside from container transportation, e-Bogies are envisioned to be used in airport operation, construction, and fire and rescue.

With hydrogen cell passenger and commercial vehicles already in use around the world, Hyundai plans to apply the fuel cell tech to all commercial vehicles by 2028 and transform the entire South Korean public transport and logistics systems to a hydrogen-based model. The company wishes to eventually expand hydrogen solutions to other types of transportation such as trams, trains, ships, urban mobility and other areas of life including industry, home, workplaces, and factories by 2040.

Watch the full concept video and highlights below.

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