Is Meghan Markle Not Impressing Bethenny Frankel With Her Business Moves a Good Thing?

Bethenny Frankel is yelling her disdain for Meghan Markle‘s “business strategy” from the rooftops of TikTok, but here’s what the reality TV star might not be considering: The Duchess of Sussex may not be interested in building a brand so much as sharing her authentic self to connect with people who relate to her.

Frankel brands Meghan Markle a “polarizing person” in her critical video, and she’s not exactly wrong. But Meghan’s “poor decisions,” in Frankel’s words, haven’t been made in the name of business strategy or branding or the public perception of the royal family — they’ve been made for her own mental wellbeing, the health of her and Prince Harry’s marriage, and the safety and privacy of their children.

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Sure, you can claim all day long that the many moves they’ve made, intentionally and unintentionally, to distance themselves from the royal family have had a negative impact on their business endeavors and reputations, but the Sussexes haven’t been operating with their personal brands at the forefront of their decision making. Every decision they’ve made since leaving the UK has been to live a life that is authentic to them, not one that chains them to an unyielding, centuries-old machine that makes the public happy while turning a business profit.

While Frankel passionately expresses that “We have to be able to say something without being beaten down,” regarding what she feels are Meghan’s poor business moves and the backlash Frankel previously received when criticizing the Sussexes’ Oprah interview, she immediately proceeds to beat down the Duchess, saying “She’s a terrible, terrible businessperson, strategist,” shortly followed by “It may not be the message, it’s the messenger, the way things are being messaged. And she is really just… Not a good business strategist. She is not listening to smart people.”

Then, firing a shot at Prince Harry, Frankel says, “Unfortunately, she’s just not married to someone who can help her navigate this because it doesn’t seem like she listens to him… He in his own life has made some bad choices; it’s not a great combination.”

It’s clear that business and profit are of the utmost importance to Frankel, but just because that’s true for her doesn’t mean she needs to push her agenda onto others in the public eye, and she doesn’t need to make her public criticism quite so harsh.

Frankel may not like being “beaten down” by fans of the Sussexes, but she doesn’t exactly deliver, as she would say, the message in a way that isn’t asking for backlash.

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