Kurono Tokyo Celebrates New Store Opening With the Grand Urushi Aoyama Watch Collection

Kurono Tokyo celebrates the opening of its new Aoyama salon with a limited timepiece collection, entitled Kurono Grand Urushi Aoyama. The collection comprises a trio of limited edition watches outfitted with handmade urushi dials. Indices are omitted from the design, leaving a clean watch face to showcase the timepiece’s beauty in the purest form.

Kurono Tokyo’s founder, Hajime Asaoka crafts the urushi dials using a lacquer made from Japanese rhus vernicifera tree-filtered sap. Given the rarity of the materials as well as the lengthy process to craft the pieces, Kurono Tokyo’s watches are always produced in a limited run. Urushi is also known for its distinctive quality to change colors depending on the climate and level of sunlight it’s exposed to, making each piece unique to its wearer over time.

The special collection watches can only be purchased physically at the new Aoyama salon, with a limit of one item per customer. Only 188 pieces are available for each variant, which includes both the special three-watch set and individual watches. The set of three comes in a special presentation box made of Japanese paulownia wood, complete with the Japanese letter for “time” engraved on its cover. Priced at ¥889,000 excluding VAT(approx. $6461 USD), 88 units of the set will be available starting December 22. Meanwhile, individual watches are priced at ¥358,500 excluding VAT($2461 USD) each and will be purchasable starting from February 23, 2023. For more information, head to Kurono Tokyo’s official website.

Kurono Tokyo Aoyama
2-10-22 Kita-Aoyama, Minato,
Tokyo 107-0061

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