Kyle Ng and Designer Kara Jubin Share the Story Behind Brain Dead's Womenswear Line

Verizon Media’s In The Know has launched a new show titled Forever Emerging that explores the world of fashion with established and emerging designers. The series hones in on the importance of uplifting the talent and voices of the next generation of creatives, and how these individuals help to push the envelope when it comes to design. The first episode follows Kyle Ng of Brain Dead and Kara Jubin, the visionary behind KkCo and Brain Dead’s women’s line, as they share how they came to work together and discuss their inspirations, hobbies and shared appreciation for creating new products for Brain Dead.

Forever Emerging showcases the working relationship between Ng and Jubin at BRAIN DEAD STUDIOS, providing an intimate look into how Ng relies on Jubin for her distinct point of view and expertise, despite having been in the game longer. After meeting in 2013 to work on a project, Ng brought Jubin on to design the womenswear division of Brain Dead. “I think it was really important for you to join Brain Dead,” he tells her. “You’re the one I trust in womenswear.” Through their conversation, the history of collaborations between the two talents becomes clear, revealing a truly symbiotic partnership.

The episode also provides insight into Jubin working on her own brand KkCo. “With KkCo, I feel like the pieces are what I would wear from going camping to the studio,” says the young designer. “An outdoor apparel utility piece with something feminine.” Illustrating this in an outfit that consists of a long skirt and a fishing vest, Jubin joins Ng on a quick fishing excursion to Echo Park. Reflecting on both of their creative journeys, Ng leaves Rubin with some final words that relate to how he runs Brain Dead. “It’s all about incorporating all the things you love and sharing that common interest with people.” he says.

Check out a preview of Forever Emerging in the video above, then head to In The Know’s website to find full episodes of the new series. In The Know Network also offers original short-form video series on a variety of other topics, like the latest in news and youth culture.
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