LEGO Builds a Drivable Life-Size Toyota GR Supra

Back in June, LEGO revealed a 299-piece replica of the Toyota GR Supra as part of its Speed Champions Summer 2021 series. To celebrate the 35th-anniversary of the iconic GR Supra nameplate (formerly known as the Celica Supra), LEGO has now taken it a step further, assembling a 1:1 life-size model of the car consisting of 477,303 LEGO blocks and weighing in at 4,156 pounds (1,640 kilograms).

In addition to blocks, the car incorporates a steering wheel, tires, driving seat, car factory logo, headlights, and other components. Although it won’t be running the GR Supra’s turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine, the LEGO replica is drivable, with an electric engine installed capable of reaching a top speed of 17 miles per hour (28 kilometers per hour).

The life-sized LEGO Supra will be on display at LEGOLAND Japan up until October 11. Afterward, it’s reported the LEGO sports car will be exhibited at the Japanese Super GT racing series.

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