LEGO Is Bringing Back Its Batman Batmobile Tumbler

LEGO is back with its DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler, a buildable 2,049-piece replica of the battle-ready superhero vehicle seen in Christopher Nolan’s films.

DC fans will be able to recreate the Dark Knight’s sleek ride in miniature form with a new kit, dubbed the “Scarecrow Showdown”. With 2,049 pieces, the vehicle is a major undertaking in comparison to other model cars. The set features a cabin that can be opened, as well as two miniature figures of Batman and Scarecrow themselves. The car is impressively featured and features an opening roof that gives access to the driver and passenger seats and control panel. The Tumbler itself presents a prototype military tank-like vehicle that is developed by Wayne Enterprises.

The heavy-duty beast features details that match the film’s rendition with angled, armoured exteriors an assortment of weapons and functions and four all-terrain wheels. The LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler measures 6 inches in height and 9 inches in width and is easily combinable with other LEGO DC Batman sets. Take a look at the LEGO above. The Tumbler is currently available for pre-order online.

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