Leica Introduces BLK Autonomous Reality Capture Cameras for Robots and Drones

Leica‘s Geosystems division, owned by the Swedish industrial group Hexagon, has revealed two new autonomous reality capture cameras designed for advanced robots and aerial drones. The devices provide panoramic and detail shots and autonomously map out uncharted areas in colorized 3D point clouds, creating digital twins of areas of interest with a high degree of accuracy.

The BLK Arc is currently compatible with the Boston Dynamics Spot robot seen above and comes equipped with 3 panoramic cameras, a high-resolution camera for detail shots, and a dual-axis LiDar to map out surroundings. The Arc compliments Spot’s existing technology, allowing it to better navigate its surroundings. The BLK2Fly seen below is the world’s first autonomous flying laser scanner used to explore hard-to-reach areas and map entire buildings. The LiDar-based UAV charters optimal flight paths to produce complete 3D digital twins.

The first BLK Arc and BLK2Fly systems will ship on October 28. Head over to the Leica Geosystems BLK site to learn more.

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