Marilyn Monroe's Best Looks That Aren't the Iconic White Halter Dress

With Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde, so on to release, we’ve got the fair-haired Old Hollywood icon and American sex symbol on the brain — namely for her stunning looks that pushed 1950s fashion barriers and emphasized sexual prowess and empowerment in women during a time known for the dutiful housewife trope.

From that incredibly iconic white halter dress flying upwards in the subway wind to her signature high-waisted swimsuits, Monroe is arguably the biggest fashion icon of her time — although we love Jackie Kennedy’s elegant and demure style and Audrey Hepburn’s feminine fashion of the same period as well.

Whether she was stepping out in a form-fitting evening gown that hugged every single curve on her iconic body or wearing a casual outfit that showed off her softer side, Monroe always managed to look breathtaking. Her signature pout, bold eyebrows, and crown of curls completed every ensemble, lending themselves as her very own finishing accessories.

While we all know and love that history-making halter dress, we’re revisiting some of Monroe’s other equally iconic outfits ahead of the premiere of Blonde. Read on for a look back at Marilyn Monroe’s most stunning fashion moments during her all-too-short life.

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