Matt McCormick Releases New Drawings via Tappan Collective

Matt McCormick has released a new series of work with Tappan Collective.

Known for mixing nostalgic elements from vintage Americana, the Los Angeles-based artist frequently revisits the myth of the cowboy and the societal tropes that have accrued along with it. McCormick’s compositions can be seen like mindmaps — thoughts that meditate on love and loss, his own hopes and fears, to natural disasters and how humans are accelerating this climate of destruction.

The latest body is primarily print-based work that showcases the artist’s use of line. In some drawings, McCormick has even ditched the pictorial element in favor of a fully poetic verse, such as “I STILL CAN’T REMEMBER WHEN OR HOW I LOST MY WAY.” Tappan has a variety of work to choose from, with unframed drawings starting at a base price of $2,500 USD.

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