Melania Trump Reportedly Gave Donald Trump Pointed Criticism on His Debate Skills During 2020 Election

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Melania Trump made no secret of the fact that she didn’t love husband Donald Trump’s political ambitions when he was in the White House. She put on an appearance that she couldn’t care less about being first lady, but former Vice President Mike Pence is indicating she might have had more influence on her spouse than many people realize.

In an excerpt from Mike Pence’s memoir, So God Help Me, obtained by Business Insider, Melania reportedly had notes for Donald Trump after his first disastrous presidential debate against Joe Biden in 2020. “‘Melania says I gotta be more like Mike,’” Pence recalled that the former president told him. The debate was hosted by Fox News, and moderated by anchor Chris Wallace, who couldn’t even control the presidential hopeful at the time.

Donald Trump was interrupting Joe Biden so much, creating a hot mess of jumbled cross-talk that the now-46th president said to him, “Will you shut up, man? … This is so unpresidential.” That’s when Melania reportedly stepped in to offer her husband a few critiques on how to debate — interruption is out, and patience is in. Mike Pence praised Donald Trump for listening to his wife because his performance in the second debate was “more understated and effective.”

Donald Trump and Mike Pence will likely face off in the Republican debates at some point because the former vice president has been hinting that he’s going to run for president in 2024. Even though they were once a team, Donald Trump probably won’t play nice with Mike Pence, especially since they’ve been at odds over the 2020 election and certifying the votes. Those debates could be quite the spectacle.

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