Meta Smartwatch Leak Shows Apple Watch-Like Design With Front Camera Notch

A leaked image of what is apparently Meta‘s new smartwatch project has now surfaced, showing what the device’s first generation could look like.

The image was first published by Bloomberg, which obtained it from an app developer who discovered it within the company’s controlling app used for Facebook‘s new smartglasses that it created in collaboration with Ray-Ban. As shown above, the device carries a squared watch face similar to that of the Apple Watch but with more defined curved edges and small lugs coming out of either end that secure detachable straps. Most noticeably, the screen’s lower bezel features a camera notch holding a front-facing camera, an industry first for smartwatches.

While Meta itself has declined to comment on the leaked image, The Verge has previously reported on the company’s intention to create a smartwatch, which will also carry a heart rate monitor. According to the outlet, there’ll also be a secondary, 1080p camera on the rear of the device and the entire display itself can be detached from the stainless steel case and attached to hubs on other accessories such as backpacks to allow it to function as an action cam. Of course, it’ll also support LTE to keep you connected at all times.

There’s no other information from Meta for the time being, but the outlet also suggests that this first generation of smartwatches from the company will arrive as early as summer 2022, with a second and third generation already in the works.

In other related news, Meta has acquired VR fitness subscription service Supernatural.
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