MVRDV Showcases Winning Design for Wuhan Library

Netherland-based architecture and urban design practice MVRDV is adding to its catalog with plans for a new library in Wuhan, China.

The new plan is the result of MVRDV’s winning of a recent competition to design the facility. Like its previous projects, the library is set to be an eye-catching marvel. Slated to become one of the largest libraries in China, the space is set to comprise 140,000 square meters. But aside from its grandiose size, what elevates the library is the including of living room, reading, study and studio spaces.

To be located next to the Baofeng overpass in Wuhan’s Central Business District, the library’s design looks to Wuhan geography – paying close attention to sculpture, form, interior character and materials. Notably, the futuristic design includes an array of arresting window configurations and curved exterior structures.

“The topography of Wuhan was an important source of inspiration: we have this idea of a horizontal view towards the lakes and on the other hand, we have this more vertical view towards the city with the high rises,” says Jacob van Rijs, MVRDV’s founding partner. “This is nature versus the city, and the building is somehow focusing on this.”

Take a look at the library design in the gallery above. For more details, visit MVRDV’s website.

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