OAMC SS22 Draws From Dieter Rams' Philosophies on "Good Design"

Luke Meier‘s label OAMC has presented its Spring/Summer 2022 collection, drawing influence from the German industrial designer Dieter Rams for a collection that’s reminiscent of his philosophies. Rams, who focused on defining what is and is not “good design” among many other things, now serves as the backbone to this collection — everything Rams stood for is apparent in the SS22 line-up; nothing is extra, nothing that’s not needed has been added, it’s all simply form versus function at its most elevated and — somehow — approachable.

Silhouettes and cuts are refined and perfected using high-end fabrics, exquisite trims, and honed techniques that come together for products that won’t just last physically, but will also stand the test of time in fashion’s ever-evolving world of trends. For example, tailoring has been finished in strong wool granité, double-faced sculptural cotton, and jacquard cotton-polyester houndstooth, and all of these overcoats are accented with a single button for a fuss-free aesthetic. In short, it’s the new modern, inspired by the old.

Being inspired by the past is actually something that translates into a bigger project for OAMC — “Re:Work.” This sustainably-minded sub-section of the SS22 collection takes existing garments and fabrics which are reimagined under a contemporary lens, all while noting Rams’ philosophies such as “Good design is as little as possible. Less, but better, because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.”

Through Re:Work, OAMC re-preportions, overdyes, reinforces and modifies pieces by incoporating new hardware or fabric panels — the M-65 Field Jacket liner, for example, appears in many forms such as a long-line two-tone covering with a neck cowl and deep pockets, or something that’s more remiscent of an overcoat in a shiny, rusty bronze tone.

Elsewhere, OAMC presents pieces that are quintessentially itself yet elevated, such as the (truly fantastic) black trench coat that’s fitted with storm flaps, shoulder flaps and pads, and too many pieces of hardware to count. Contrasting this are garments that reference Rams’ philopsohy of “Having small touches of color makes it more colorful than having the whole thing in color,” such as the geometrical sweater in navy and cream or the sweater vest in sage green with black segements.

However, never one to under-deliver, OAMC promises color with pieces such as the bright yellow or red lab gloves, the blue-and-white overdyed lab coat, a shirt that’s almost tie-dyed in blues and purples, and a similar ensemble comprising a top and a pair of jeans in yellow and green hues.

Take a look at the entire OAMC SS22 collection in the lookbook above, and expect the range to release in the coming months on OAMC’s website.

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